40 Funny Expressions of Surprise

When you hear some good news or come to know something unexpected or enjoy a surprise, we utter words that express our feelings of happiness and pleasure. Since our expressions are the thoughts shared by language, every person has different ways to express their emotions of joy. Whether you convey your feelings through your verbal or nonverbal gestures but the meaning out of all the different expressions is the same, which is nothing other than cheerfulness. On your birthday, New Year night or at any other special occasion, people enjoy surprise parties and get together and express their emotions of joy and happiness in a number of different ways. We have a collection for you of some funny expressions of surprise. Enjoy reading these expressions. These are the funniest ones and you will enjoy a good laugh sharing these with your loved ones like never before.



1) Whooooooa...
2) Heavenly day
3) Hot pot of Coffee!!
4) 'Oh my dayz'
5) "Well, sufferin' cats"
6) "My stars and garters!"…..
7) Well spank me cross-eyed!
8) Duuuuuuuuude....
9) Earned My Red Wings
10) They’re off like a herd of turtles….!!!!
11) "Jeepers pelts!"
12) Well shiver me timbers and call me Woody
13) Yuppiiieeeeee…… 
14) Oooooo Mann…..
15) Well shoot a rabbit!
16) What a day!!!
17) AYI mios
18) Loved it….
19) "Well, I'll be go to hell!"
20) "Why, Heavens to Betsey!"
21) Aaaa unbelievable!!!
22) Hot diggity
23) Jeepers creepers
24) Oh hell shitt fire
25) He was madder than fire
26) HOW in the...?
27) Shoot a monkey!
28) Well call me a biscuit.
29) Great balls of fire..
30) Smack my mack!
31) Crazier than a run over dog.
32) Give me some sugar
33) WHAT tha....?
34) Holey moley!
35) Thanks!
36) You best mind me.
38) Crankey….
39) Hallelujah…..
40) “Well slap me silly”.

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