40 Funny Indian and Asian Names

Are you Asian? If yes, then I can see the smile on your face just after reading the topic. If not, then don’t go anywhere as you will also enjoy the post like Indians and Asians. I am also Asian and know very well about the funny nature of Asian people. It does not matter that you are Indian or belong to any other Asian country. All Asians are famous for their funny behavior and they also apply their hilarious thinking even on themselves. They do not hesitate in choosing some funny names for their children and sometimes even for elders. When you will meet with some Indians or Asians, you will surely admire this fact that many of them have really funny names. It would be difficult for you to control your smile even in front of them. Here I have a beautiful collection of very funny Indian and Asian names just for you.


1.    Hu Yu Hai Ding
2.    Diri shah
3.    No Pah King
4.    Balan Singh
5.    Yu So Dum
6.    Baki shah
7.    Ai No Pei
8.    Site Singh
9.    Wai Go Nao
10.    Darya khan
11.    Hai Dei Kum
12.    Shuki Shah
13.    Lei Lo
14.    Not Singh
15.    Chinki Pande
16.    Minmin Singh
17.    Dhili Shah
18.    Saein Malangi
19.    Harakishah
20.    Chinto Singh
21.    Wa Sing Ka
22.    Dan Singh
23.    Chori Shah
24.    Yu Stin Ki
25.    Fik Shah
26.    Farigh Shah
27.    Soon Gon Die
28.    Toki Shah
29.    Wai Yu Mun Ching
30.    Pate Khan
31.    Kopi Shah
32.    Chin Tu Fat
33.    Achi Shah
34.    Badal Khan
35.    Tai Ni Po Ni
36.    Noni Shah
37.    Pyare Khan
38.    Dum Gai
39.    Disco Singh
40.    Wai Yu So Tan

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