40 Funny Irish and Scottish Names

The people of Ireland and Scotland are famous for their funny nature and you can see the example of this thing even in their funny life style. If you really want to enjoy your vacations, just don’t think much more and make your plan for visit of either Ireland or Scotland. I am sure that this will be best tour of your life and you will face fun and amusement at every step. However, the thing that you will never forget is the really funny names of these people. I am still not clear about the actual reason behind, however the sure thing is that the meanings of these names will be full of fun. You can trust me that this will be not wastage of time at all. so, just read these funny names of Irish and Scottish people and make your life colorful. 


1. Ben O'Drill

2. Tam

3. Brooke N Bone

4. Davey 

5. Claude N. Skretchem

6. Curt N. Rodd

7. Shug 

8. Wullie 

9. Di O'Bolic

10. Jessie 

11. Elle O'Quent

12. Annie 

13. Eve O'Lution

14. Eick 

15. Fatty Mc'Butterpants

16. Frank N. Stein

17. Jimmy 

18. Gareth McGree

19. Jock 

20. Ima O'Reilledup

21. Maggie 

22. Jerk MaGurk 

23. Drew 

24. Jolly Mean Giant

25. McHaggis 

26. Junk In 

27. The Truck O'Neill

28. Damya 

29. Kareem O'Weet

30. Scots 

31. Ignorant 

32. O'Kay

33. Longrod McHugendong

34. Miles O'Toole

35. Pat McGroin

36. Patches O'hoolihan

37. Sweety Swoke 

38. Phil McOxenbauls

39. Ruth O'Dare

40. Rothman 

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