40 Funny Mean and Clever Names

Mean and clever both are the negative terms that have negative or insulting meaning in them. These words are commonly used to disguise someone. This is the reason why people get angry after getting titles like these. It today’s world (usually in the opinion of teenagers) mean or especially being clever means that someone is smarter enough to outwit someone or to get advantage from someone else. So, they do not think that being clever is something wrong. Mean or clever names mean that either a person has given him/herself such a name that gives an impact of “difficult to understand” or “difficult to predict” like person. It may also happen that different people (maybe your friends) give you such a name according to your attributes. Some of the names are that funny that they don't make you angry but you want to laugh at them. Some funny names can be:


1. Weirdo

2. Potato head

3. Ding dong 

4. Chubby nuts

5. Silly billy

6. Ginger

7. Red chilly

8. 3-D triplex

9. Squasher 

10. Smarty 

11. Clucker

12. Tie-coon

13. Catchy

14. Haughty

15. Puffy 

16. Fizzlo

17. Cycloanaysts

18. Wakening express

19. Jaun in a million

20. Get plastered

21. Insoluble fraction

22. Impenetrable soul

23. Lights camera action

24. Gobbler 

25. Déjà view

26. Jerkward

27. Tramp

28. Kookie

29. Gambler

30. Hughy 

31. Snooty

32. Hobo robo

33. Big begger

34. Mr. pretentious 

35. Wacky batty

36. Plumpy

37. Flabby

38. Sizzly

39. Fantabulous

40. Genius stupid

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