40 Funny Wordpress Blogger Blogspot Tumblr Names

In today’s world of technology, we are bombarded with a large number of social websites, which has given us rather a convenient way to stay connected to the world. Wordpress, Blogger, Blogspot and Tumblr are all blogging platforms through which you can create free accounts and enjoy the fun. You can get entertained by the features to blog or write something witty and share. These sites are not easy to use but once you get to know the options you can enjoy the fun these sites offer. If you are looking for fun and want to a totally free way that will allow you to be a little creative sign up for these accounts. You can enjoy the use of templates, sharing interesting images and photography, or writing something which is witty but cool.  We have a collection of funny names to be used for your accounts at these sites. Choose the perfect one for you and enjoy the fun.



1) Blockdude
2) Aquamanboy
3) Karate Kevin
4) Hippi Hi
5) Beachmaster
6) Big Mach Yo
7) Pickinpin
8) Robo Creps
9) Dick Dinnie
10) Chew Kok
11) Suk Whang
12) Crazyforwod
13) Scary Guy
14) Support Hak
15) Dick Kock
16) Bread Jr
17) Chubbster
18) Disney Mods
19) Art Tedy
20) Hostgator
21) Pirate Ryan
22) Alienboy
23) Demo Pengie
24) Icy Queen
25) Disney Ann
26) Bad Sustan
27) Ouchfire
28) Cobbled Dick
29) Penny Lord
30) Gabby Goober
31) Xbox 311
32) Pepsi Turtle
33) Big Mack Yo
34) Lalalarainbows
35) Bumble Buns
36) Michael Molleston
37) Speedy Zieper
38) Partee Moore
39) Long Wivi
40) Brandon Fusco


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