44 Funny Caribbean and Jamaican Names

Caribbean and Jamaica are two areas near Caribbean Sea. These two areas are famous for many reasons and one among these reasons is islands of these two areas; there are more than 7000 islands in Caribbean plate. Another reason of its fame is the famous English film series “pirates of Caribbean”. This movie is based on the pirates of Caribbean Sea and about their voyage. Major languages of this region are Spanish and Dutch. These two languages are not very familiar to us this because when we hear anything that is pronounced in these languages, we get really confused or sometimes a smile comes on our faces. The reason is that, it may happen that those words mean some really weird or strange things in our language. One major example is names of the people residing in these regions. These names are not familiar to us. That’s why; we think these are odd or funny.


1. Dandras

2. Adolpous

3. Azariah

4. Mertella

5. Dragona

6. Zebolun

7. Kernvirgil

8. Nana

9. Rufus

10. Miracle

11. Amadom

12. Zola 

13. Renna

14. Dubal

15. Canard

16. Anteire

17. Fachs

18. Ne’levell

19. Banner

20. Judge

21. Kiva

22. Radd

23. Dixon

24. Ravan

25. Casim

26. Lamar

27. Taye

28. Ty

29. Tawani

30. Brie

31. Mia

32. Isobel

33. Jade

34. Raca

35. Leah

36. Donna

37. Aray

38. Tachell

39. Molly

40. Fawn

41. Mirasa

42. Neice

43. Poppy

44. Alali

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