45 Funny Male Cat and Dog Names

Not only children, but elders also love to keep cats and dogs as their pet animals. However, it depends upon the choice of master that what gender, he/she likes most. some people like to keep male cats and dogs, while some prefer female ones. In my point of view, It does not matter that what is the gender of your pet cat or dog, as both have some particular characteristics. The problem arrives at that time, when the master or mistress finds out lovely name for its pet animal especially male cats and dogs. You could find a lot of sites that offer female names of cats and dogs. However, it becomes really difficult to locate some funny but striking name for your pet cat or dog. Now you have no need to worry at all as I am here for you along with a beautiful collection of funny names for your male cats and dogs.


Male Cat Names

1. Boston

2. Lexus 

3. Apollo 

4. Bishop

5. Daffodil 

6. Bazooka

7. Tom Tom 

8. Butler

9. Foxy 

10. Peddy 

11. Comet 

12. Basil 

13. Calvin 

14. Fizz 

15. Hector 

16. Emperor

17. Obelix

18. Oasis 

19. Piper 

20. Atlas 

21. Copper 

22. Yoda 

23. Smokey 


Male Dog Names

24. Askim 

25. Hero 

26. Diva 

27. Jag 

28. Soma 

29. Fiesta 

30. Zulu 

31. Bumper 

32. Flopsy 

33. Tango 

34. Boo 

35. Dodo

36. Puddy 

37. Baggy 

38. Captain Cudles 

39. Cha Cha

40. Nightmare 

41. Ranger 

42. Casper 

43. Peanut 

44. Bobbie 

45. Poo Poo

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