50 Funny Business Names


Different people do different business. Some deals with the products and others with the services. Few manufacture things, while others work as dealers and retailers. Countless companies exist in the world and it is very difficult to create a recognition mark in this world of competition. Many people adopt different strategies to stand out different in the crowd of companies. Some of them design different logos, some try eye catching colors and few go for unique names. However, nothing is more unique than funny names. Funny business names sound not only unusual but also express the lighter side of your personality. You can get funny names regarding every business, including salons, restaurants, gym, refilling station etc. Here, we have gathered funny business names for your consideration. You will find them interesting and humorous. You can choose one for your business too, if you are planning to start a new business. 


1. Poo Ping Palace

2. Sa goat kita

3. Cut & Face

4. Curl up and Dye

5. Hair dot comb

6. Blow Jab

7. Alabank

8. Pakopya ni Edgar

9. Summa Cum Laundry

10. Violybee

11. Lito Lapida

12. Pakita Mo Pet Mo

13. Dr. shoe

14. Eat my balls

15. Dina fresh chicken

16. Gee Congee

17. Fish Be with you

18. Nota Republic

19. Bangga ka day

20. Starducks

21. May Lisa Eatery

22. Dila Lang Ang Katapat

23. Wash your problem

24. 2nd time Around

25. The last supper

26. Robocock

27. Bread Pit

28. Mekeni Rogers

29. Chick point

30. Petness First

31. Chicha Hut

32. Chinese Fire fry

33. Hairlines

34. Nakopia

35. Income Taxi

36. Shopee

37. Kisame street

38. Anak Ng Tinapay

39. Pizza hot

40. Pino Big Barber

41. Funeraria Happy

42. Hot spoon

43. Goto ka paa

44. Gaymann Fitness center

45. The Old Cock

46. Gobble ‘n’ Go

47. Chez what

48. Bow Thai

49. Tuck tuck 

50. Doggie Styles








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