50 Funny French, Italian and German Names

From which country do you belong? I mean, if you are French, Italian or German then stay here for a while, as this is the right blog for you. I am sure that you will never feel wastage of time after reading this amusing blog. Here, I want to present some really funny names in front of you that are belonging to your own country. Actually, I know this reality that modern people want to adopt such humorous names that could be the source of attraction not only for other people, but also give their personality a weird identity. By keeping this thing in mind, I have decided to collect some unique but names that are not only unique but funny as well. so, don’t waste time and just go through these names, so that you could choose either one not only for you but also for your loved ones.


French Names

1. Camille 

2. Emma

3. Gigi

4. Lotte 

5. Agate 

6. Lea

7. Roxane 

8. Pauline

9. Magali 

10. Bianca

11. Lydie 

12. Esme

13. Sacha

14. Nicolie 

15. Flo 

16. Catharine 

17. Ambere

18. Fantine 

19. Oriane 

20. Zoe 

Italian Names

21. Lalia 

22. Perla 

23. Anjelica

24. Giulia 

25. Bice 

26. Mona 

27. Sonia 

28. Xaviera 

29. Cinzia 

30. Detta 

31. Gioia 

32. Silvana 

33. Maria 

34. Tecla 

35. Susana 

German Names

36. Adelheit 

37. Cundry 

38. Helma 

39. Maud 

40. Wilda

41. Vrene 

42. Agneth 

43. Gunda 

44. Bathild 

45. Helene 

46. Ilma 

47. Magda 

48. Selma 

49. Suse 

50. Aloisia 

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