50 Funny Jokes Names

I honestly believe on one thing that without jokes, our life is colorless. What a brilliant mind they have, who create jokes to amuse people. In my point of view, these people are truly creative. However, you should keep one thing in mind that these jokes should not cross the limit of ethics. If these are ethically approved jokes, then you cannot only add smile on your face by reading these jokes, but can also share with other ones to add fun in their lives as well. I think, in this tension-filled life, jokes play a vital role to amuse us.  If you are also one of those, who are in search of some beautiful jokes to add color in your life, then you are at right post. Here, I have tried to collect some very funny names of jokes just for you. So, pick up these names and enter in any search engine to enjoy the world’s best jokes.  


1. Give Me Head

2. Cream of Wheat

3. Loose Tooth

4. Can I Eat Your Bush?

5. May I Touch Them?

6. Will My Leg Grow Back?

7. Save Your Breath

8. Watermelon

9. Your Mon Will Do It

10. Tie My Shoes

11. Robbing The Candle

12. Tightest Ball Sack

13. Flat Tire

14. Quit Touching Me

15. Rusting Leaves

16. Salami

17. Is There a Doctor In The House?

18. Some Day You Will Pay

19. Pop A Woody

20. Fill The Grave

21. Nickel And Dime

22. Moe The Lawn

23. My Crotch Burns

24. Might As Well

25. Can Opener

26. Sell The Cows

27. You Pee Freely

28. Stays Erect

29. Surely You Jest

30. Paper Tumer

31. Mr. Pee Pants

32. Little Johney Joke

33. Ken The Dig With No Mercy

34. Doctor’s Waiting Room

35. Gum Ball

36. Blackman is Better

37. Camel Cigarette

38. Yomama Moving

39. Paper View

40. Black Bowling Ball

41. Empire State Building Jumper

42. Pop A Owner

43. Pearly Whites

44. Fill Up My Bag

45. Torture My Dog

46. Silly Sticky Buddy

47. A long Stick Must Break

48. Ridiculous Traffic Inspector

49. Rabbit like Man

50. Don’t See Martial Arts

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