50 Funny Real People Names

People are everywhere. They are the one who create the society. They are the population of city, county or the world. People are the center of everything. Every person in the world is given a name that may not be unique but still it’s the identification of the Person. It may happen that two or more people have same name (even the full name is same sometimes). These names work on the concept of numbers…like different things are assigned some numbers for the identification purpose. Just imagine if we were not given names or we were assigned numbers instead of names. Well that’s quite horrifying some way or the other. In every region names are assigned according to the languages that are spoken in those regions. It may happen that in one country different languages are spoken, so the language spoken in one area may differ with the other so as the names. This is the reason why some names sound quite funny; because they are not recognizable to us like:


1. Cheekoo

2. Jolly

3. Maina

4. Kibodio

5. James

6. Blinkin

7. Zapple

8. Cook

9. Punk

10. Bill ding

11. Ben lyon

12. Brice tag

13. Bart ender 

14. Bea apal 

15. Ayma moron 

16. Cock 

17. Aldo itmeslif

18. Alida bug

19. Ann tenna

20. Anna mull

21. Dr. pulse

22. Yellin

23. Art majogr

24. Avery goodbook

25. Nay

26. Wolff

27. Cue

28. Basken D. sun

29. Woof

30. Ben crobbery

31. Bent axel

32. Bill zabup

33. Cill blub

34. Bo narrow

35. Captain good

36. Carl arm

37. Orff count

38. Dee faced

39. Di rea

40. Tiana

41. Sid

42. Doly

43. Tiago

44. Ed ible

45. Edd

46. Siiss

47. Gabe oy

48. Sue sillo

49. Ki chann

50. Ima loser

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