50 Funny Screen Names

Screen names are fake names people use for there accounts at the social networking websites. If you are a member of any of the social websites, you will need to have a screen name. People mostly avoid using their real names on these websites. Screen names can be somehow more funny, interesting and appealing. People like to use screen names because it is a way to express yourself in a word or two. You may have seen so many funny and appealing screen names used by your friends, family and people in your social contact list. If you are searching for a different and hilarious screen name to use it on your social networking sites, we have a collection for you. Here is a list of some funny screen names. You can choose from this list the one you find just right for you. Share these funny names with your friends to help them as well to find their perfect screen name.



1) IGottaGo
2) LoonyBin
3) 1MoreDonkey
4) Tippy Toes
5) Funkydelly
6) Brown Noser
7) IveGotUrOuts
8) Chonglee
9) Froggy
10) Applejacks
11) ringstar
12) DonkAnon
13) Buckshot
14) Whoa
15) UgtaBkdnMe
16) dreamzgurlz,
17) cuppycake,
18) YouLoseIWin
19) Wishbone
20) Colla
21) Bulimia
22) OopsDidIDoThat
23) Dixie
24) Nedd
25) Sizzle
26) Strumpet
27) 72OffWins
28) NitWit
29) Unpredictable.
30) Crouch
31) Kooky
32) RunTotoRun
33) The lammy
34) Wilt the Stilt
35) Bozo
36) KickinChickens
37) Cheapskate
38) Ezz
39) Old Fuss
40) Hu_Flung_Pu
41) Ho-Ho
42) Wonderwoman
42) Shmoopy
43) A Blinkin
44) Chatter Box
45) Crunchywuah
46) Yooper
47) Miss Hankey
48) b-o-n-d
49) Good Golly
50) Cobo Wowbo

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