50 Funny Street, City and Country Names

The most amazing thing about our globe is that no doubt, we can see the names of almost all countries on the map. However, there are different opinions about the exact count of countries in all over the world. Anyway, another beautiful fact about our globe is that, there are many such countries that have really very funny names. Nothing is different in case of city names as well as street names. In every country, we can find such cities names or street names that are truly hilarious. When we read their names, our first reaction is nothing but a loud laugh. To amuse you, I have thought to adopt a weird concept this time. I have tried to collect the some really funny names just for you. So read these funny names of streets, cities and countries to make your moments fresh and amusing. 


Street Names

1. Cockburn Street

2. Stair Way

3. Slip Inn Lane

4. Boulevard

5. Gay

6. Raw Dykes Road

7. Sesame

8. Nut Wood

9. Stoner

10. Tit Man Road

11. Grabengasse

12. Butts Wynd

13. Liquid Loco Street

14. Ha-Ha Road

15. Turkey Cock Lane

16. This Ain’t it Road

17. Dutch

18. Shoot Up Hill

19. Jingle Pot Road

20. Shoot Up Hill

Funny City Names

21. Cooking Lake

22. Deadwood

23. Twin Butte

24. Bonanza

25. Black Foot

26. Whitemouth

27. Poorman

28. Sexsmith

29. Romance

30. Big Bear City

31. Chico

32. Deer Valley

33. Quitman

34. Ola

35. Slaughter Beach

36. Kite

37. Hackberry

38. Story City

39. Soda Springs

40. Apple River

Funny Country Names

41. Cook Islands

42. Christmas Islands

43. Turkey

44. Bangladesh

45. Chile

46. Iceland

47. Marshall Islands

48. Hungry

49. Congo

50. Figi



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