8 Funny Bocce Ball Team Names

Bocce is an Italian bowling game with its origins in Greek myths, mostly played in Piedmont and Liguria. In present era it is popular in Europe, Australia, North America and South America. By the change of time game is reformed and new rules are introduced in it. It is an outdoor game, requires skills and luck not the strength. For game play leveled surface or grass is ideal and its court should be 76ft x 10ft. The game can be played with four players in each team. There are two types of balls used; small balls ”pallina”, and a big ball “boccia”. The balls are usually made of wood. Each team can take eight turns and can score 16 points. After eight turn the frame ends and another frame can be played. This game has no fixed time because it depends on the number of frames.


  1. Balls of destiny
  2. Donkey Kongs
  3. High rollers
  4. Rat packs
  5. Rolly pollys
  6. Bald balls
  7. Bocce Kings
  8. Blue dogs

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