8 Funny Tough Mudder Team Names

Tough mudder is a physical training course. Each player will have to cover 10-12 miles distance on hills, mud and water. The player use ropes, climb walls, cross fire and bear electric shocks. Make sure before participating in the training courses that you have good health. These activities will make you more fit and steady. During this training you have to run 3-4 times in a week for 5 miles and swim for 50 yards. The basic concept of these tough routine is to prepare you for fearsome challenges. There you have to cross different hurdles like running down mountains, roll on snow, crawl through tunnels, and walk in narrow rivers and run through flames. After the race party is celebrated with music bands and players are awarded. Some of the players take it a sports but it is a challenging training not a competition. The organizers of tough mudders works for charity they generate good revenue and help the wounded.


  1. Muddy beasts
  2. Flash lights
  3. High techs
  4. Tough toads
  5. Shaggy kids
  6. Wild puppies
  7. After shocks
  8. The avatars

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