9 Funny Antakshari Team Names

Antakshari (the last word) is a kind of song selection game. This game is mostly played in few countries of South Asia, India, Nepal, and Bangladesh. The game consists of more than two players. The first player has to sing a song. The next player will sing a song starting with the last word of previous player’s song. Some time the judges of the game also give any sound of the letter to start the game or show. The language is not restricted. The game can be played according to the custom, culture and languages of the country. This game is mostly enjoyed in groups and teams.  Now a day it has become most popular in the form of TV shows and contest. As a best indoor game, in India it is mostly played in school, colleges and universities for recreation. The player’s memory and style of sing is important for winning the contest.


  1. Blue moon
  2. White kidz
  3. Sweet Peas
  4. Dodgy squad
  5. Lost boys
  6. Cunning stunts
  7. Sneaky warriors
  8. Dutch princesses
  9. Dream killers

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