9 Funny Cornhole Team Names

Corn hole is very simple and easy fun game. It can be played between four friends, partners or companions. Each team consists of two players. Things you need for game are not hard to find. Firstly, the place for game: you can use your lawn or a grassy path outside your house. Secondly, you need a 27ft flat cornhole board. Thirdly, take 8 corn bags, 2 for each player.

The game starts with tossing a coin in the air to decide which team plays first. Now throw bags and get the points. The counting of score is different from other games, if the corn bag touches the board only then it is count for one point but if it goes into the hole then you get three points. To check the score you have to subtract the points of each team. The game ended on 21 points scored by any team.


  1. Fun bags
  2. Corny me
  3. Glory of balls
  4. Corn holers
  5. Already lost
  6. Yellow bags
  7. Corn and corny
  8. Corn flakes
  9. Corn eaters

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