9 Funny Gamebattles Team Names

Game battles is a version of MLG Pc games, everyone can sign up and start play. More than five million gamer and one billion teams have joined these tournaments and game forums. These online destination games have provided them free of cost play and recreation. Anyone can play Xbox360, playstation3 and pc games. This is not enough for the gamebattles, there are millions of profiles, posts and videos of the gamers. For taking part in the gamebattles you have to follow few steps; first sign to the site for online games, then do as you are directed. Read there general instructions, don’t bewildered, this is not a battlefield. The atmosphere is definitely good for competitive gamers. You have choice for selecting team, get your badge and don’t forget to play match only with eligible players. You can take user id with any factitious name and your profile is the property of MLG forum, no can access without your permission.



  1. Toxic team
  2. Arazona war
  3. Happy express
  4. Four arms
  5. Bushy tails
  6. Brown bears
  7. Evil deaths
  8. Night foxes
  9. Crazy loonies

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