9 Funny Harry Potter HR Team Names

It is sixth year of Studies at Hogwart School that Harry potter finds a book marked with a horrible statement, “This book is property of Half-Blood prince.” This is not mere a story from a book but a movie released in 2009 by Harry Potter film series. The movie gain audience attraction on big screen because of the camera tricks. The story moves around the kidnapping of Ollivander. While reading the book Harry’s ideas disperse and lost. The head master of Hogwart, having trust on Harry, gives him a task of destroying evil doers Voldemort. For doing so Harry studies the dark past of Lord Voldemort. Harry investigated the suspect and finds himself in a battle. During this mission other students of Hogwart loses their focus from the actual issue. There is only his classmate of Harry who remains attentive and works for good. The movie end with a few reveals by Harry to his classmates. But it is not the end of Harry’s mission he has to do more in the next movie.


  1. Hollow deaths
  2. Spirits of chamber
  3. Bloody princes
  4. Death eaters
  5. Vampires wish
  6. Hunted graves
  7. Warrior spirits
  8. Phoenix funs
  9. Dumbledore army

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