9 Funny Law School and Legal Team Names

Ancient Romans had special training for advocates though they had not any systematic study of law. University based law and legal education was introduced in 18th-19th century. Modern law and legal education has been expanded since World War II. Law is a discipline and profession as well. It is practiced by conducting some rules in the society or a community. These rules are implemented by law enforcement bodies. It is a legal profession and deals with the human rights, land reforms and social services.


After going through law school, many students join legal education and for this is the only path for successful law school students. Legal education is preparation for the practice of law. The aims and objectives of legal education are not limited. Generally, it deals with theoretical and practical fields of law. While studying law it is essential to get knowledge of legal history in the context of law. The purpose of legal education is to train the lawyer. 



  1. Fantasy league
  2. Law suits
  3. Land sharks
  4. Society corns
  5. White collars
  6. Justice Cheaters
  7. Legal strikers
  8. Chronic killers
  9. Land hackers


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