9 Funny Mud Runner Team Names

Sometimes while walking in rain you slip and everything runs into mud and you feel disgusting. You are now going to play a game which is same but this time you act and do everything deliberately without any bad feelings about splashing in the mud. Instead of disgust you will feel proud for running into muddy area. It will be your effort to puddle and become messy. This game is actually an adventure. The first step is registrations of the participants, instruction about rules are specified, they are informed about the distance for running. The game organizers decide the place where all the arrangements take places. The selection of the outfits you use should be according to the name of the game, it means you have to ruin them in the mud. The basic aim of this sport is enjoyment without any worry or barriers. Mostly mud run is held for charity purposes. People for all walks of life and ages enjoy this activity.


  1. Mud pies
  2. Puddle boys
  3. Mess makers
  4. Splashy whites
  5. Muddy killers
  6. Messy packs
  7. Clumsy girls
  8. Mud eaters
  9. Earth worms

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