9 Funny Relay for Life Team Names

Relay for life is a fund raising event for cancer disease. It is organized by The American Cancer Society every year. Their motives are to give awareness about cancer and collect funds for the treatment. A nationwide race was held by the organizers in 2010.  All the events were not limited to the common people, college and university students also participated in the walks and races. Many people funded for the fight against cancer. This year, a race was conducted on 28 August, and about 350 people had participated in it.

It is a successful and positive approach towards life. The patients who survive from cancer also participate in the relay. The survivors’ community helps them in conveying message of hope.  They celebrate different ceremonies like Luminaria, Survivor dinner, and Fight back ceremony. This event is full of fun with fund raising; people dance, listen to music, enjoy good food and do lots of other activities.


  1. Hopeful runners
  2. The relays
  3. Bay fighters
  4. Cure hunters
  5. First aids
  6. African safaris
  7. The Luminarias
  8. Tony’s tigers
  9. Bony blues

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