9 Funny Waffle Ball Team Names

Waffle ball is an outdoor base ball style game. This game is full of fun, shout and clapping. Take a plastic bat and a ball now you are on your way to play waffle with family in the back yard. Only difference is to use waffle ball instead of baseball. Count the player and divide them into two teams. You can decide which team will bat first and the second team will defense.

Every year waffle tournaments are organized in USA. There are leagues in this game. For participation in the tournaments you have to join formal team by paying a registration fee, and then you will play, do practice, and visit their website for information. The main practice point is pitches. When you throw a ball because of its curve it goes to the wrong direction. So the player should be an expert in throwing ball and finding right pitches. For points and scoring base ball rules are applied in waffle ball.


  1. Fat knights
  2. Nut shells
  3. Rapid runners
  4. Better lucks
  5. Ghost league
  6. Waffle dishes
  7. Fantastic fours
  8. Ginger balls
  9. Dark giants

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