11 Funny Math, Accounting, Engineering, Environmental Team Names

Mathematics has always created problems with a bundle “problem solving” but everyone has to undergo these calculations painfully. Only genius and fatally intelligent students enjoy math. Never mind these are jokes only. No one can deny the importance of math, engineering and environmental studies. Our houses and buildings are the right example of engineering and mathematics. Accounting is a system of study, which works for economic solutions and maintain check and balance in economic system. To make environment clean and studying changes globally, environmental engineering is introduced. This mode of science, investigate problems different causes and introduces useful systems which are helpful in saving clean air. There focus is on pollution, biological changes, green house gases and meteorology. A new term commonly used by scientists is eco system or ecology. Their researches are not limited to global environment but also concerned with the public health programs.



  1. Diplomatic sets
  2. Friendz plus
  3. Great brains
  4. Matrixes
  5. Triangulars
  6. Pollution killers
  7. Teens and tens
  8. Kelvin’s team
  9. Sum finders
  10. Geo guys
  11. Mind Game

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