Funny Brain Teasers and Halloween Trivia Questions

Halloween is one of such yearly festivals that are celebrated in many countries all over the world. The day of celebrating this yearly festival is 31st October. Remember! This is one night before celebrating All Saints Day. It is no doubt, very special day for the Christians. Well, there is huge material available at internet about Halloween and anyone can get complete information regarding this festival. However, if you want to get some comprehensive knowledge about Halloween that must be some about some key aspects of this holy festival, you might face difficulty. The reason is that, almost al sites are describing the details of this festival rather than enlightening its key aspects. However, if you are the one, you want to get this comprehensive detail, this is the right blog for you. just take a look on these funny but brainteaser trivia questions and try to find the answer of these questions.   



Q 1: Which Peanuts character waits in the pumpkin patch for the Great Pumpkin?


Q 2: Who was the first original Wolf-Man?


Q 3: which animals are most commonly associated with witches?


Q 4: Complete this superstition: If you stare into a mirror at midnight on Halloween, you will see what?


Q 5: The word Hallow in relation to this holiday means?


Q 6: what day is Halloween celebrated on?


Q 7: How much money is made from Halloween candy sales?


Q 8: What is the purpose of a ghoul?


Q 9: Witches are all women. True or False?


Q 10: What are the two traditional colors for Halloween?

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