Funny College, High School and Graduation Speech Topics

The levels or grades of speeches vary according to age factor, qualification, field of life and worth or value of a person. In educational institutes, the speech topics are related to new researches. Moreover, the speech topics in educational institutes also vary department wise. The best way of unveiling latest researches related to each department is arranging an event of speeches or debates. Moreover, speech topics in on general national or international issues are also highlighted in these educational institutes. However, here the difference in level of speeches depends upon level of institute. All high schools, colleges and universities organize the speech events at their forums. Here the topics are chose according to caliber of students. Here are some funny college, high School and graduation Speech Topics that you may select in accordance to your caliber and area of interest. So, let’s begin the list of speech topics.



1. Friendships you have made in the graduation class.


2. College education years are absolute not the best years of our life


3. My motto: Learn from the past, prepare the future, and live present


4. Studying alone or studying with a group of college students?


5. Poke some fun with remarkable teachers of the graduating class.


6. The history of Valentine's Day, the celebrations in different cultures.


7. Major events that took place at the campus.


8. Why skipping classes can isolate a student socially.


9. How to communicate effectively at our campus


10. Moral or ethical values of the educational institution.


11. Tips to save money in college


12.  My goals for the student council election


13. High Tech industry job opportunities


14. A successful professional career.


15. What the future may bring to the students, their parents and educational staff.


16. Ten fun things to do during exams.


17. How to throw a paper airplane in class.


18. Honesty in college really matters


19. Close friends who have helped you to become graduate.


20. What I will do when I retire. 

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