Easy Funny English Trivia Questions

You know, jokes and fun are not related to any particular language. These are such source of entertainment that is not subjected to any region or group of people. We can find funny piece of writings in all languages. However, when we talk about English language, a long list of funny piece of writings comes in front of us. We can find really hilarious facts, blogs, riddles and trivia questions in English language. The reason is that, English is such a worldwide language that is not only mother language of many people, belong to different countries, but also many people understand it in those countries where it is not a mother language. In fact, English has become a source of communication for all those people, who face difficulty in terms of taking with each other due to difference of language. So, here I have gathered some funny English trivia questions just for you.  



1. What state leads the U.S. with 15 tons of solid waste per citizen each year?


2. How many avenues radiate from the Arc de Triomphe in Paris?


3. What's the University of Paris more commonly called?


4. What's the highest mountain in Africa?


5. Which is Britain's second largest city?


6. What country did Greek historian Herodotus dub "the gift of the Nile"?


7. Who was the first president of America?


8. Who was the first man on the moon? 


9. What Australian city boasts the largest Greek population in the world outside of Greece?


10. What's the name of the famous big clock in London?

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