List of Funny Informative Speech Topics Ideas

No one can say that he or she would never need to speech ever in its life. Many moments come in our life that compels us to express our views in the form of speech. Sometimes, these moments are of formal nature, but sometimes just casual. Obviously, at formal occasion, you have to do speech on some selected as well as serious issue or topic. On the contrary, casual occasions are our own and we make these moments more delighting by giving speech on some funny topic. In recent years, I saw many people who were willing to do some speech at the occasion of their own birthday or wedding ceremony. However, being enjoyable occasions, they were searching some hilarious topic to make their occasion more pleasant. Well, most of them could not do that just because of having no hint about funny speech topic. If you are also searching for some informative and really funny topic to do speech on that topic at your own event, you can take the idea from the list given below. Hopefully, you will enjoy these topics very much.



1. Ten fun things to do during exams.


2. Why Good Girls Love Bad Boys


3. My most embarrassing moment


4. Tips for merging two households.


5. Five ways to keep going a boring conversation at a cocktail party.


6. 10 ways to order pizzas.


7. Funny facts about women.


8. Funny facts about men.


9. How to cheat poker the nice way.


10. The strangest thing I’ve ever met anyone


11. Funniest Childhood Memory


12.. How to drive the baby-sitter crazy.


13. What women really say when they talk to men.


14. Why must I clean my room everyday


15. How to learn from your parents mistakes.


16. How to get - more - Valentines Day cards next year.


17. How to turn the Academy Awards ceremony into funny event we all like to watch.


18. What you can't say in public.


19. Why men like action and women like romance movies.


20. My first day at school


21. Funny Names to call your tutors


22. Why a chicken still walks even with the head cut off.


23. Why older women do not want to admit their age.


24. Why women say they hate sports.


25. 10 ways to irritate a telemarketer.


26. 10 ways to freak out your roommate.


27. Why casino players actually are sad people.


28. Why smart people don't know they have the wrong ideas.


29. How to cope with troubles at a family reunion.


30. Why I don't need money or cash.


31. Funny first date experiences.


32. Three fun games to play at beach.


33. How to handle well-meaning people you don't like.


34. How to write parent excuse notes.


35. Why are Dads are so weird?


36. The funniest amusement parks.


37. The ten commandments in a restaurant boys and girls room.


38. How to Lose the Guy of your dreams


39. Time I Ran Away From Home.


40. How to be a charming host at any event.


41. How to be a charming host at any event.


42. Tips for buying gifts everybody want.


43. Men should never wear skinny jeans.


44. Five requirements to be called a bestie by girlfriends.


45. Why rose is the best flowers' fragrance many women like.


46. What to do on a desert island.


47. Things to do in a traffic jam.


48. Why people look like their dogs.


49. Top 5 bad business slogans.


50. How lazy students still survive and succeed in life.

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