Extremely Funny and Weird Riddles That Dont Make Sense

Many people, especially kids like to solve riddles, as this is the best way of consuming time that involve mental exercise as well. However, there are many such people, who don’t like common and simple riddles. The just like to solve some very weird, but interesting riddles. Have you any idea about the best source that could provide you really funny and weird riddles? Of course, your answer will be only “internet”. Yes, I agree with you, but it is truly a time-taking and boring job to search such riddles from different sites. Now, if you want to search such riddles at internet that would have no sense and just humorous answers, and then it will become more difficult to find such riddles from just one site. So, if you are looking for very weird and funny riddles that have no sense as well, just look at my collection and feel free to play.



Q 1: How many 2 cent stamps are in a dozen?

A: A dozen


Q 2: Why do policemen wear belts?

A: To hold up their pants


Q 3: What fasten two people, yet touches only one.

A: A wedding ring


Q 4: What grows down, when it grows up?

A: A goose.


Q 5: In baseball, how many outs are there in an inning?

A: 6, three for each team


Q 6: What do you call a deer with no eyes?

A.I have no I-Deer


Q 7: What has a bottom at its top?

A. A leg.


Q 8: If there are 3 apples, and you take 2, how many do you have?

A: 2


Q 9: What year in this century is the same when its number is turned upside down?

A: 1961


Q 10: What doesn't exist, but has a name?

A: Nothing

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