Funny Alien, Skeleton, Vampire and Monster Names

Aliens are imaginary unidentified flying objects. Many people believe on these fictional stories. Is it true reality or not but movie makers has taken it very seriously. Most of the movies of Hollywood are about aliens invading earth and destroying humans. Not only these movies but video games are also generated on same plot now. Space ships with glare and imaginary characters with laser weapons are common now. Skeletons on which human or animal structure is based, is sometimes used in movies to create horror. It is a bony structure and it used to show evil spirits and dead people alive. Vampire and monster are very important role without these two characters horror movie and dramas are incomplete. Vampires changes their role as the day breaks and at night they enjoy blood feast. In fact they symbolizes to bats. Monsters create fear and in comic plays they are very innocent and helpful for humans. They are mostly seen in cartoons movies and games.


  1. Live bones
  2. Hot horrors
  3. Space carts
  4. Bloody feast
  5. Stinky monster
  6. Damn dragon
  7. Bug killers
  8. Haunted eyes
  9. Dragon claws
  10. Weird pals

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