11 Funny Animal, Worms, and Birds Team Names

Think for a moment! This world without animals, even you will be shocked without a pet, poultry and enormous colorful birds. Now you definitely admire animal kingdom which includes thousands of creatures. Some are microscopic, worms crawling on the earth and some are giants and beasts. So, you can say this is the combination of beauty and the beast. In spite of this fact, that some animals can harm us we feel pleasure in watching them caged in the zoo. There are different species of the birds and we can’t count them in our surroundings. It is only chirping of the birds which has made natural environment more beautiful. Today animals are more important than human beings because a friend or a relative leaves you alone but your pets will never bereft you until of unless they die. Many patients with anxiety disorders are advised to place fish aquarium or some birds at home.



  1. Cattle Cookies
  2. Doggy Sausages
  3. Hot Dogs
  4. Book Worms
  5. Tiger Worms
  6. Dog Birds
  7. Blue Berries
  8. Rock Parrots
  9. Water Cocks
  10. Dog Fish
  11. Dragon Flies

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