10 Funny Athletic and Marathon Team Names

Athletics are related to physical exercises and sports especially running, jumping etc. It is a healthy activity mostly used for competitive sports. The ancient Greeks introduce athletics as an activity in 776 BC which afterwards becomes a great sports competition for the world’s famous athletes.

Marathon is the name of a place where a battle between Greeks and Persians took place. After the end of war in the battle field of Marathon, a messenger ran towards Athens to announce the victory. The distance he covered was 25 miles.  From that time in 1896 Olympics, marathon is held as a long distance road race. It becomes popular day by day and now in every continent marathon is held and it is considered a major event of the games. Some experts have positive opinion about marathon: it helps in reducing weight and best for fitness, but some doctors disagree, for its temporary results. 



  1. Hull Cities
  2. Black Burn Rovers
  3. New York Giants
  4. Boston Bees
  5.  Brooklyn Bridegrooms
  6. Aftershocks
  7. Whirlwinds
  8. Heat waves
  9. Hay Cutters
  10. Hard Rockers

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