Funny Beer Pong Team Names

Beer pong is played in parties and bars. This game has no specific rules, played among two teams and a drinking contest is held.  For playing this game simple equipments are used. The players need beverage or disposable 10-20 cups, 2 cans of beer and 2 ping pong balls. A table is arranged in the middle of the room. Now arrange cups in the shape of pyramids on the table and fill them with beer. The game play starts with a toss and players have to through balls towards cups. If any shot land in a cup, the player of the opposing team has to drink the content of the cup. The players can increase and decrease racks in the game as the requirement of the team members. Some people dislike this game and don’t participate because of its bad health effects. Excess of liquor make them sick and for this reason some players prefer water or any other soft drink in the cups.


  1. Water balls
  2. Teddy beers
  3. Kings party
  4. Drunken devils
  5. Ping pongs
  6. Black pandas
  7. Trash takers
  8. Thirsty bugs
  9. Jazzy cups
  10. Sweet beers

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