Funny Birthday Party Trivia Questions

When we talk about the special day of a person’s life, many things come in our mind like his birthday, wedding anniversary etc. Well, among all these special events, the most concerning that is just related to any particular person and no one can share the feelings of that event with him or her, is not other than its birthday. Yes, this is the birthday of a person that brings real charm, happiness and treats for him or her once in a year. People want to celebrate these events in different ways, but with complete joy and satisfaction. Today, time has been changed and the trend of birthday parties is at its boom. People organize birthday parties and invite their friends and loved ones to come and make this special event, somewhat more special and memorable for him. Here are some funny trivia questions about birthday parties and you will surely like them very much. 


Q 1:  what is the day of the week with the least birthdays?


Q 2: how many seconds have been passed out since your last birthday?


Q 3: "Happy Birthday To You" is the most popular song in which language?


Q 4:  Who hosted the world's most expensive Birthday Party to celebrate his 50th Birthday on 13 July, 1996?


Q 5: who created biggest birthday cake in the world in 1989 for the 100th birthday of Fort Payne Alabama?


Q 6: Which is the month with the least birthdays?


Q 7: How many birthday cards an average person receives?


Q 8: when the world’s largest birthday cake was created for the 100th Birthday of the city of Fort Payne, Alabama?


Q 9: How many dollars, the happy birthday song makes in a year from licensing fees?


Q 10: Who created the birthday cake about 200 years ago?

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