Funny Bracket and Hyphenated Names

There are fourteen punctuation marks in English grammar. Most commonly used are comma, full stop and hyphen. Others are not considered so important although we cannot deny them, only perfect writers have knowledge where to use these marks. Some language teachers suggest that only three are enough to make good structure of the line; question mark, period, and exclamation mark. Brackets have so many names like parentheses and braces. These two curved, curly or square shaped lines are very useful for defining something which we cannot add in a line sequel. Hyphens are also used for dashes. According to dictionaries two types of dashes are used. The first one is hyphen which used to continue or connect a thought. The second one is emdash and its use is complicated. It can be found between poetic and distracted thoughts in any literary piece of writing. Both dashes and brackets are applied for creating email addresses, company names and group activity or team names.


  1. Bracket doctors
  2. Hi-Fi dragon
  3. Woody hypes
  4. Break dogs
  5. Kitty camps
  6. Fore gamers
  7. Dum logics
  8. Deep balls
  9. Black falcons
  10. Mad brackets

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