50 Funny Buddy and Friend Names

Friends and buddies are said to be the best part of one’s life. It is a view of many people that the person having no friend is leading a life that is just useless, though he/she owns the world, and the person having just one sincere friend even owns the world even if he/she has no money. Just imagine! your life without a friend… isn’t it horrible? Just imagine! who would you talk to at your work place or institute? Who would text you after every half an hour? There are a lot more examples that show us the importance of those people who are not our family members. We have no blood relation with them, there is no give and take b/w us…who are they? Of course, they are our friends. We spend our best moments of life with our friends mostly. Friends are those people, who are very rarely called by their actual names. We just “assign” some names to our buddies and then try to call them by those illogical but sweet names. Here are such really funny names. 



1. Dumby

2. Dude

3. Chum

4. Abby

5. Baldy

6. Mama

7. Giggloo

8. Skipper

9. Chicken

10. Dolly

11. Bumble Bees

12. Bubbles

13. Autobot

14. Doobeee

15. Jigar

16. Backdoor

17. Koko

18. Jojo

19. Cheesy

20. Bull-dozer

21. Cheekoo

22. Daddy cool

23. Disco

24. Shurli

25. Big bug

26. Alligator

27. Pumpkin

28. Fabio

29. Pistol

30. Jazzy

31. Doc

32. Sleeping beauty

33. Gambler

34. Little beam

35. Barfi

36. Bigshow

37. Outlier

38. Psycho

39. Spooky

40. Chatter box

41. Miss. Laughter

42. Meesho

43. Baji

44. Obnoxious

45. Sweety

46. Barbie 

47. Dot-ted

48. Smarty

49. Introvert

50. lameo

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