Funny Camp, Cottage, Cabin and Conference Room Names

Sick of urban life, make a plan for camping in the hilly areas or forests. This will prove a change from routine boring hectic life. Camping includes lots of fun, recreation and peace in nature. Many groups of students from universities and colleges enjoy trips and stay there for weeks. They cook food, explore different beauties of nature, do hiking and capture these moments in there photographs. For facilitating tourist cottages have been made at recreational points. People can stay there with families and feel homely. On the sea shores and hill sides these cottages also protect from extreme weather conditions. Conference rooms are used for meetings and discussions. The purpose is to sit around and exchange views. In such room furniture is arranged and a stage is formed for speeches. Project directors and planners use it for the presentation of different plans. Some rooms are for only meeting with few seats but some have big hall for addressing 50-100 people.


  1. Rock hall
  2. Curly party
  3. Idiot factory
  4. Ninja house
  5. Robot house
  6. Trojan woods
  7. Paradise lounge
  8. The Dungeon
  9. Chat room
  10. Full houses

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