Funny Captain, Golfer and Trucker Names

Captain of the team is the inspiration and backbone of the team. He leads his squad in with his experience and commands. In football matches captains are the center of attention. He takes part in match toss, lifts trophy and answerable for losing game. Golf is a popular outdoor club sports. Its earlier form was played in Netherland. The golfer holes the ball with fewest strokes in different attempts. He knows techniques and directions for the play. Later professional golfer coach the amateur. In clubs the players get proper training from coach, instructors, and teaching professionals. The game is played with special equipments a spherical ball, golf shoes, tee and golf cart. Trucker is a countryside drive game. You have to try to finish job of delivering load. The eighteen wheel drive is wild to achieve target with limited fuel and time. Similar to crazy taxi major game play is mechanical and speedy. During play you will get bored of same tracks and acceleration.


  1. Crazy cheaters
  2. Fool finders
  3. Big snooty
  4. Lord butter
  5. Fuzzy truckers
  6. Captain liars
  7. Sandy balls
  8. Fair ways
  9. False goals
  10. Square holes

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