Funny Cartoon Names

Cartoons are caricatures of human faces and sometimes imaginary characters. News paper has comic post with a cartoonish figure with a caption. The purpose of this is not only to amuse readers but to give witty message to the targeted person. For children of all ages cartoons are world of amusement and fun. They feel, talk, mimics and perform like their favorite heroes. Ben ten is most popular series among them. Every young one wants Ben’s watch and follows his actions. Other series which has broken the records are Tom and Jerry, Scooby Doo, Mick Mouse batman and Superman. Now Video and PC game is also cartoon based. These games are sometimes familiar heroes for instance bat man is pounced and he struggles against evil forces. Cartoon network is now offering online games for kids. They can play new games and watch latest shows; Power puff girls and Adventure Time’s live on their website. Nickelodeon or Nick is another famous channel, contributing new entries in children shows.


  1. Lucifer Cat
  2. Doggy Meeko
  3. Milo sis
  4. Bony batman
  5. Real scoop
  6. Sid dancer
  7. Woody pride
  8. Kitty white
  9. Penny bags
  10. Pink Barbie

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