Funny Chef, Bakery, Diner, Chilli, Bbq and Cafe Names

Chef is a French word which means chief and they use it for cook as he is the chief of their kitchen. Chef is a cook who works professionally in restaurants and in houses of others. His duty is to cook all type of food. Usually chefs are trained. They know food recipes, cutting of veggies, and culinary tips. Bakery has made the life easier, in olden time bread and cakes were baked at home before serving. Now it is convenient for everyone to buy cakes for greeting or celebrating birthdays. Bakery has become a popular business now. Some cafe also serves pastry and cakes and donuts with tea and coffee. Dinning at any restaurant is a habitual in this busy life of 21st century. As working hours increases people walk towards food points and sometimes orders for takeaway services. Another reason for this trend is that now role of women from all over the world has been changed they have to work equally with men. The food points offer spicy, chilli, and bbq food.


  1. Chilled cook
  2. Sweet house
  3. Fine desserts
  4. Café choco
  5. Coal queues
  6. Rising loafs
  7. Food pumps
  8. Food fiends
  9. Spicy cottages
  10. Huts and hards

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