Funny Chemical, Pen and Crayon Names

Everything has fundamental materials; wood, metal or chemicals. The things formed by different substances are processed in chemicals to form a new thing. Ink, oil colors, paints, crayon etc, are its common examples. Pen is very educated tool because we used to write with it thousands of words. Before this invention ink and quill were used for note taking. Feather of the bird with sharp edges was dipped in the ink and figures could be drawn on the paper. It is very easy now for us write with a pen for which we don’t need birds. It is a gift of intellectuals also. Crayons are made of wax and are called wax colors also. Another type of crayon is water crayons. These colors have beautiful shades and all time favorite of kids. The impact of these colors on papers is greasy and glossy. Crayons have no metal or wooden nib; there edges are pointed with wax. This way these colors are safe for kids use.


  1. Sandy beach
  2. Rocky nibs
  3. Inky sides
  4. Wax gloss
  5. Neon friends
  6. Ploy pranks
  7. Quill cards
  8. Bromide bombs
  9. Acid cats
  10. Lucky whites

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