Funny Chinese Food, Hot Sauce and Cocktail Names

Chinese food is popular in the world for its exotic taste. Every restaurant, hotel, and food point feels pride for offering best Chinese dishes. Their food range is very high in taste and has variety. Vegetable and chicken dishes are favorite nutritious and tasty. Chinese have their traditions for serving and eating food. Sauces are liquids for adding more taste in meals. Hot sauces are mixtures of spicy, vegetable, and other ingredients.  Sauces are also available in the markets. No meal is served without any sauce. Green chili, red chili and cock tail sauces are commonly used; they can be made at home and can be bought from markets also. Cocktail is mixed drink with sugar, salts, honey and alcohol. For bitter taste sometimes lime and orange juices, soda and herbs are also added in it. Another cocktail is fruit chunks with juices and salts. Variety of fruit is used in it. Two or three flavor nectars can be added for enjoying more taste.


  1. Fish cods
  2. Sweet with sours
  3. Curry work
  4. Green sauce
  5. Red steaks
  6. Fruit munch
  7. Cat tails
  8. Vegetable pots
  9. Chicken broth
  10. Cock beaks

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