Funny Cookbook, Daycare and Candy Bar Names

Cook books are for helping books for making food in kitchen. These books are mostly categorized in recipe books, chef techniques, catering and Culinary and for housewives baking at home. Besides all these now food of different continents are also popular in the whole world, Italian food, Chinese, and Thai food can be made easily at home with cook books from these countries. For working women who cannot look after child, take the services of day care centers. These centers give them facilities for the care in formal way. The nurses and nannies are trained there and they have licenses from the government. Sometimes they provide training to kids of preschoolers also.


Candy bars are the most favorite among kids. Sweets are served in the parties, and after dinner as sweet dish. Kids enjoy gift packs of candies at Christmas eves. Milk chocolates are energetic and provide calories. Some chocolates are nutty and fruity in shape of a snack with biscuit layers.


  1. Butter fingers
  2. Almonds joy
  3. Baby day out
  4. Good bars
  5. Chunky candy
  6. Nutty snacks
  7. Baby cares
  8. Fire cooks
  9. Sweet meats
  10. Bread beaters

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