9 Funny Corporate and Insurance Team Names

Corporate and Insurance is the benefit for employees. Corporate itself is a structure which consists of three main steps. It defines layout, handle financial matters and pays bills. Insurance is a law of agreement in which a person agreed for some advance amount for a certain periods and would get some advantages in case of any accidental happening in future. The whole process works around economic conditions. It is in other words a risk of loss or gain.

There are many types of insurances, life insurance, health insurance, car insurance, etc. The trend of life insurance starts from the wealthy and welfare states and now it has become a benefit for every employee in all over the world. The concept of group insurance is introduced from the Romans. Another group insurance is for dental treatment because of its expenses. Business liability insurance supports building owners, landlords and manufacturers under different terms and conditions. 



  1. Rising moon
  2. Happy returns
  3. Safe heavens
  4. Garden of earth
  5. Funny farmers
  6. Hook and crooks
  7. Hash houses
  8. Save souls
  9. Gun shots


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