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Can you tell me, what is your hobby in free time? I know a lot of children, who just read books or play video games in their free time. When I ask the question about the reason behind these common hobbies, they just tell me that these are the best ways of spending free time and a source of mental growth as well. I don’t deny this fact, but I have another weird way of spending free time that is not only interesting, but a mind-blowing mental exercise as well. Have you got my point? Yes, I am talking about funny riddles that mean some very interesting and funny question answers. These riddles not only raise your knowledge, but also a good source of mental exercise. Here, I have a best collection of very simple and easy riddles and I am sure, you will also enjoy, while solving these riddles and will appreciate my collection.



Q 1: What is black when you buy it, red as you use it, and grey when you throw it out?

A: Coal


Q 2: What bird might you hear at the dinner table?

A: A Swallow


Q 3: What can go up a chimney down but not down a chimney up?

A: An Umbrella


Q 4: What is the shortest complete sentence in the English language?

A: I am


Q 5:  Feed me and I live, yet give me a drink and I die.

A: Fire


Q 6: How could a cowboy ride into town on Friday, stay two days, and ride out on Friday?

A: His horse is named Friday!


Q 7: What goes around the world yet stays in a corner? 

A: A stamp


Q 8: If you throw me off the highest building, I will not break. However, if you place me in the ocean I will. What am I?

A: A tissue


Q 9: What is yours but your friends use it more than you do?

A: Your name


Q 10: What English word has three consecutive double letters? 

A: Bookkeeper

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