10 Funny Dentist, Lawyer, Political Party and Law Firm Names

Dental decay is very common disease among children and elders. Dental health organizations give awareness through many programs. These messages consist of dental hygiene and prevention of cavity. Lawyers help on legal actions and court trials. They are trained and have completed law studies. In different complicated matters they give advice to client and prepare law suits and pleadings for the court cases. Lawyers also gather information and evidences about the witnesses which later filed as a document. The law firms work for business, civil and criminal cases. These firms have authorized lawyers and licenses for the practice and legal advising for the business firms. They work for the protection of the rights of the common man.

Political parties play major role in any country. These are formed with a group of people. These parities work for the welfare of the people and participate in the elections. The outcome of the election results help in forming a government. Some countries have two party system and some have multi political party system.


  1. Cavity killers
  2. Crazy gums
  3. Offensive clients
  4. Dragon party
  5. Bee workers
  6. Devil thinkers
  7. Dog suits
  8. Grey votes
  9. False targets
  10. File aches


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