Funny Display, Computer, Login, Avatar, Profile, Chat Room Names

Computer display enables us to perform actions for work and get out put in required form. Through this interface we interact with different other functions. The display depends on resolution, color pixels and its types. Logins are used for the security of data in the computers. Any user can use it for protecting important files. It is not a term used for PC only, on different sites and for mail services logins options are compulsory for the users. While using a computer at public places and in offices, login is a secure use for everyone.  Avatar is term most commonly used now a day for every ambiguous and factious character. Many games and movies are based on this term. For images identification and screen names Avatars are used. A profile is based on personal interests, activities and information. Through it any one can easily get the whole story in few outlines. Profile is not only used for any person it can be used for showing any company, industry or business.


  1. Speedy snail
  2. Deep glue
  3. Clean sweep
  4. Spice worker
  5. Blue aliens
  6. Falcon guys
  7. Super collider
  8. Atom smasher
  9. Frog ville
  10. Sneaker quest


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