Funny Dj, Cowboy, Spy and Cop Names

Dj or disk jockey is a person or compare who do programs on radio. Music shows are managed by Djs. They announces the format of the on air program. Receives live calls and play the requests of the callers. They have control to play music of their choice. In live music functions in theaters and ground compares are called dj because of they have control the programs. Cowboys are found in old movies based on American pubs and rural farm houses. They work on the ranches and herd the cattle, collect hay, and do work at stables. The cowboy character was perfect inn riding and fighting also in movies.  Spy’s work is to get secret and provide it to the authority. It is not necessary that spy is working for good or bad. Military and cop spies are mostly used for finding the criminal or enemy. They work sometimes to check the movement of enemies across the borders. Some detective novels are based on the role playing of the spy.


  1. Dj Speed
  2. Small cock
  3. Candy kid
  4. Dick head
  5. Holly dine
  6. Crow spy
  7. Tinkle times
  8. Trace cats
  9. Bubble ups
  10. Secret dogs

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