10 Funny English and American Football Team Names

Football has become the most popular game of the world in 20th century. Game fever increases in the world cup. Before this big game teams play league matches for the practice. In USA the football field is about 120 yards. The teams tossed a coin before starting game. The strategy of game is the possession of ball and the players use different tact to reach the goal line. The most popular football teams are France, Brazil, Italy, and Spain. Every action and new development in the game of football is seriously notified by the football lovers. The football association FIFA is always busy in reforming and introducing new rules. In USA football competition starts from high school, college and university and then moves to federation matches. This practice produces an international player for the World Cup. The most popular and tough game is between leagues and federations.


  1. Shooting stars
  2. The wasps
  3. Death at the Net
  4. The four Canals
  5. Blood bath and beyond
  6. The Cereal killer
  7. Kung Fu Panda
  8. Heroes and Zeros
  9. Bad Intentions
  10. Fire breathing Cobras

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