12 Funny Epl Nfl Nascar Fantasy Sports Team Names

Fantasy sport is not new for us, sports are played in the grounds but fantasy needs the enthusiastic mind only. How much you ponder over it and create your idea for a squad. This term is not only applied for football matches but it is in practice of English premier leagues and Auto car races fans also. Join a league and start playing. The process of making a team needs updates from news paper, websites related to sports, and magazines serving weekly reports. What a fantasy game player has to do with these things is the main question. Yes, now he has to check the injuries and latest up comings for the team and sports he has selected for play; see who has injured? Who is replaced? Which player has scored goals? Next step is to make a draft and track you players. You can tag you squad with different badges and it will show you results at end of game season.


  1. The warriors
  2. Dragons and flies
  3. The beasts
  4. Girlz and Guyz
  5. Wizards of the oz
  6. Rat runners
  7. Fame wanders
  8. Goal catchers
  9. Fantasy fighters
  10. Ice bergs
  11. Racing Cutie
  12. Striking Distance

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